A Catalyst to Release the Untapped Capital in Your Collective Diversity

If you've been in the corporate world for more than two decades like I have, then you know the old adage that your people are your #1 asset.

But I think that's no longer true. 

There is a profound shift occurring. Your employees, partner organizations and consumers expect you to run a good workplace. Provide opportunity for advancement. Deliver an excellent product or service. And do no harm in the process.  And although your people are still at the center of this equation, your greatest untapped asset is now found in the diversity of thinking, backgrounds and experience they bestow on your brand.

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion

For more than 20 years I have provided thought leadership in corporate communications, reputation management and corporate social responsibility. I help leaders like you connect and marshal your diverse populations into shared visions and missions to elevate the performance of all.

I believe that challenging the status quo with character and integrity is the hallmark of a committed leader. That means looking for opportunity where others see risk. Operating from a mindset of abundance, not scarcity. Replacing expected execution with outstanding performance.

I am a kinetic communicator with an energy that attracts professionals of diverse thinking and backgrounds to help your people and your organization outperform in the market.

I believe we are obligated to be our best selves and help others do the same. To me, this means valuing diversity of intellect, beliefs, cultures and ideals. Manifesting hope, revealing joint solutions and embracing inclusion. I have led teams on multiple continents from varied backgrounds, gaining buy in, building trust and collectively making a positive impact on the brand and in the world.


I'm proud of the reputation I have built as being a free thinker who is a respectful, tolerant, and supportive leader.

My father, Len, who was a celebrated school superintendent in New York, encouraged me to always perform at my highest potential. That's why I am a relentless learner, currently in the final course to earn a Masters of Science in Development Management from the United Kingdom’s Open University.

My studies have taught me to better understand conflict, build lasting interpersonal relationships and grow sustainable institutions. I also graduated from Cambridge University, The London Business School and Arizona State University.

I'm fluent in Spanish, too. There are many benefits to speaking another language, including the opportunity to interact more deeply with others, understand their culture and appreciate their fresh ideas. My ability to speak Spanish has allowed me to make friends from San Juan to Santiago.

What inspires others and how I can help them achieve their goals is what motivates me most. 

Hunter and me in brisk Chicago.

Hunter and me in brisk Chicago.

Much of my physical energy comes from being a certified Spinning instructor and fitness fanatic who would rather skip the gym to go cycling with my boys in a city they’ve never seen before. My mental energy is expressed in being deeply passionate about education, equality and opportunity. 

I've witnessed what happens when you capitalize on your diversity. You will differentiate your brand creating the greatest opportunity for growth for your people and your organization. But it all starts with bringing the right kinetic energy to propel your mission forward. 

That's where I come in.